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What better place to rant than

2008-11-27 12:55:22 by TheNotObnoxious

I find it impossible to believe what seems to curretly pass as humour on today's movies.
I just rented Epic Movie and Scary Movie (1 & 2) and I was apalled, honestly.
The authors attempt to be random, spontaneous etc. etc., but what they end up with is drivel with sexual innuendo chucked in.
For Christ's sakes I've seen positive reviews for it, negative too, but actual reviews promoting this shit.

There's my brief rant, I could say more, I could have said less.

And here are some sexy guitars to look at.
Look at them!

What better place to rant than


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2008-11-27 17:31:38

I thought those movies were the way, those guitars are sexy as hell!

TheNotObnoxious responds:

Obviously we have different tastes in movies, BUT NOT IN GUITARS!
*Virtual Hi-Five!*