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Heavy [deathkllr84] Heavy [deathkllr84]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

How... how did you do this?...

I found my head independantly banging to this, I couldn't stop it until I pressed the stop button. Wow.

Suggestion: Don't put lyrics to it if they are screamo, grunting would work but with the heavyness (and might I say brilliance) of the guitar screaming would most likely ruin it.

Fantastic job, Tough Guy.

deathkllr84 responds:

HHAHAHA! I was waiting for someone to point out the tough guy xD

thanks man, I appreciate that

Eternal Dance - Test1 Eternal Dance - Test1

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Jesus, man.
Fucking awesome pinch harmonics.
Oh my god.
Do you have tabs for this...
Great work.

BTW, what guitar do you use??

Dimoria responds:

Thanks man.
No sorry I don't. But this song i really easy to do by ear. The keys just switch from A to A#.
In this song I used a Washburn Paul Stanley signature.
But now a days I use a Ibanez s5470 prestige mostly.