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2009-09-04 11:51:10 by TheNotObnoxious

Humeur actuelle :existential
Each decision we make has possible consequences - every time an animal or a person is confronted with a problem they make a decision, from the decision made thereof at least two possible consequences could have occured. Now, there is always a chance that one of the decisions previously made may have been made differently, a man may have decided not to go over to his (then unknown) future wife and spoken to her, thus a child may not have been born. If this child were to be Hitler, this decision that the man made could have made may have resulted in the saving of millions of lives. If the child was not, the decision could have had little to no effect on the future. But, moving right along, suppose that every time someone makes a decision, the world branches off into a different world (an alternate reality, persay), a world that differs from our own purely by the result of the decision made by the individual. Now think of all the situations that require a decision to be made that you yourself encounter each day, then think of all the billions of people in the world and how many years that have past and how many lives have been lived over that time. If my theory is at all plausible, consider how many different realities could exist.
The most recently created of these realities (the ones that are the result of a decision made only nano-seconds ago) would be existing right next to our own reality, differing only the slightest bit, whilst the ones that are the result of a decision made long ago in the dark ages would be further away - harder to reach - and be, perhaps, completely different to our own. The ones that are almost exactly the same as ours would probably still be close enough to be reached through a rip in time and space. If these 'portals' exist, would it be possible to travel to a different universe? And meet yourself? Kill yourself?
Well, I can testify that these rips, or portals, exist. If you want to find them, look inside your washing machine mid-cycle. And I know they exist. I have irrefutable evidence: they exist because the world they lead to is where my socks go.

I find it impossible to believe what seems to curretly pass as humour on today's movies.
I just rented Epic Movie and Scary Movie (1 & 2) and I was apalled, honestly.
The authors attempt to be random, spontaneous etc. etc., but what they end up with is drivel with sexual innuendo chucked in.
For Christ's sakes I've seen positive reviews for it, negative too, but actual reviews promoting this shit.

There's my brief rant, I could say more, I could have said less.

And here are some sexy guitars to look at.
Look at them!

What better place to rant than


2008-11-12 11:06:37 by TheNotObnoxious

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